what's the
magic today?

Presenting Kitchenji range of dals, staples and spices. Sourced and carefully handpicked from the most authentic places. Each product is hygienically packed, loaded with nutrition and makes your meal taste like magic.

Our rigorous quality control process ensures you get nothing but the best. We do extensive systematic checks across all stages right at the beginning from sourcing to packaging and distribution at the end.

Make every meal magical

dals and pulses

Our dals are sourced from select farms with extensive quality control. They are clean, unpolished, and hygienically packed to help you make every meal healthy and delightfully flavourful.

spices and masalas

Our range of whole spices are sourced from select farms. These clean and unadulterated whole spices will make your every meal delightfully flavourful.

dry fruits and nuts

You can eat our nutritiously delicious dry fruits and nuts straight from the pack. Or, add them to your delicious pongal, payasam or upma to make it more nutritious and flavourful.


Now everything you make will taste sweeter. Just add this Kitchenji Sugar or Jaggery to your favourite sweet dish, payasam or creamy kheer.

your magic meets ours

The meals you prepare are nothing short of magic!

To assist you in creating magic each day, Kitchenji brings the healthiest food products
without adulteration in the most hygienic manner possible.

Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, we will always be there for you through it all!

Come, let us create more magic together!

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